Nutritional Counseling & Supplementation


Because proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle is such a large aspect of addressing chronic pain as well as in maintaining wellness, it is often incorporated into the treatment plan. We offer nutritional counseling from a functional medicine perspective, looking at the body as a collection of systems working functionally dependent and connected to each other. For example, the gastrointestinal system is the first line of defense of the immune system. Therefore if a patient is experiencing GI dysfunction, we will often then see other health problems arise and may often see chronic pain. So we will begin fixing the gut as part of a holistic effort to make the body better at naturally fending off disease or chronic pain. We also offer food sensitivity testing.


Much of our farmland soil in the US has been depleted of nutrients due to industrialized agricultural practices, and we are sometimes not getting all of the nutrients we need from our foods and supplementing can be helpful. Other times, our bodies can use a boost in the healing process by supplementing with herbs or vitamins depending on which system of the body is depleted. When utilizing nutritional or herbal supplements, it becomes important to consult with your healthcare practitioner who is properly trained to assess, recommend, and oversee the use of them. All supplements are not created equal, and sometimes a poorer over-the-counter product may not actually be very absorbable by the body. At Be Well Chiropractic + Health, we utilize high quality and absorbable natural products from companies like Standard Process and Metagenics, who maintain high quality control and only sell through qualified health practitioners to assure proper utilization.


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